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People who fail to take their ADHD medications may cause wrecks

In Mississippi, people who are diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder can face distraction on the road. Past studies have shown that people who have ADHD are more likely to be involved in car accidents than are people who do not have the disorder. A new study shows that people who take medication to control their symptoms are less likely to get in car accidents.

Wildlife collisions increase with shorter daylight hours

Drivers in Mississippi will want to exercise more caution around areas where wildlife is present. The reason is that with the shorter days after the clocks were turned back, wildlife may be harder to spot on the roadside. Bears will appear in search of food before hibernation, and deer will be up and around since autumn is their peak mating season. Wildlife is commonly most active between dusk and dawn.

NHTSA faces roadblocks to driverless car safety regulations

In early October, a Senate committee approved a bill that will grant exemptions to automakers for up to 80,000 self-driving cars produced annually in the next three years. These exemptions, which will speed up the production and testing of such vehicles, are applied to current auto safety guidelines. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be granting the waivers and formulating new regulations at the same time. However, the agency has hit a bit of a roadblock, which means that Mississippi residents may not see self-driving cars on the road anytime soon.

Night shift workers run the risk of drowsy driving

In Mississippi and around the country, night shift workers are endangering themselves and others on the road because of drowsiness. Drowsy driving is considered a public health hazard, and investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital have conducted a study to see just how dangerous it can be.

Deadly accidents are up; speeding and not buckling up to blame

Mississippi drivers might want to be more cautious than usual on the roads these days, because deadly crashes are on the rise. This information comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Speeding, not using seat belts and a rise in motorcycle fatalities are the primary reasons for the increase.

Distracted driving is more than just talking on a cellphone

Mississippi motorists likely know that distracted driving is wrong, but that may not stop them from doing it in some form. Many may think that distracted driving is confined to talking on the cellphone or texting while behind the wheel. If so, they would be wrong. It is anything that takes the driver's mind off the road.

Small cars fare worse than large cars in accidents

There are plenty of reasons why Mississippi drivers may want to purchase a small car. Small cars are generally less expensive, have better fuel economy and are easier to maneuver and park. However, the downside is that small cars fare worse than larger vehicles in certain types of crashes.

Many drivers believe they can drive and text safely

Mississippi drivers may be texting and driving even though they think others doing so is dangerous. Progressive Insurance conducted an online survey in August of about 1,000 people who were not their customers and found that although around 34 percent said they were confident in their ability to text and drive safely, nearly two-thirds said they believed texting and driving was the main cause of traffic accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2015, distracted driving was a factor in motor vehicle accidents that killed 3,477 people and injured 391,000.

Daytime running headlights offer substantial safety benefits

Running a vehicle's headlights throughout the day may seem insignificant, but studies prove that a little extra visibility reduces the rate of car accidents. Although only about one-quarter of new vehicles for sale in Mississippi and around the country include daytime running headlights in their standard packages, the data should encourage everyone to make a conscious effort to leave their headlights on at all times.

IIHS study lauds benefits of accident avoidance technology

Mississippi car buyers would be wise to equip their new vehicles with accident avoidance systems according to a study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Lane departure and blind spot warning systems are particularly effective at preventing sideswipe crashes and front-end collisions, and the nonprofit organization's study suggests that thousands of traffic accident injuries could be avoided each year in the United States if every vehicle was equipped with them.

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