Handling Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Brain injuries are among the most serious and difficult to treat injuries people suffer in motor vehicle accidents. While some brain injuries are incapacitating and obvious, others are more subtle and take time to reveal their extent and nature.

There is no such thing as a minor brain injury. Testing and treatment for brain injuries regularly result in hospital bills amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. Many brain injuries last a lifetime, further increasing the medical costs associated with these types of injuries.

At Williams Newman Williams PLLC, our Jackson traumatic brain injury (TBI) attorneys FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS and interests of brain injury victims from throughout Mississippi and the southern United States. Our law firm helps our injured clients get the medical care they need and the money to pay for it all.

Do I Have A TBI?

Traumatic brain injury is the medical description for injuries to the brain caused by blunt force trauma. TBIs are much more serious than a concussion, and can result in profound loss of cognitive function, emotional control, and even the ability to control basic movements and bodily functions.

Many people who have TBIs don't know it. In the weeks and months after their accidents, they may notice being more irritable, or more easily confused, than normal. Once easy tasks may become difficult, or even impossible, to perform. Friends and loved ones may notice that the victim's personality has changed in some way. These are all signs of TBIs.

We Recognize The TBI Signs · We Can Help

Our lawyers are familiar with the signs of TBI. Our attorneys work with brain injury specialists, rehabilitation experts and vocational counselors who can correctly diagnose our clients' conditions and create estimates of the true, long-term costs of their injuries.

TBIs change lives. If you are trying to hold your life together in the aftermath of a serious accident, or your loved one has become incapacitated and you need financial help to pay rising medical bills, our Jackson traumatic brain injury (TBI) attorneys can help you achieve justice while obtaining the compensation you need. We hold negligent parties and insurance companies accountable.

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