Have You Been Hurt In A Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are hugely popular among Mississippi residents. They provide useful transportation and recreational value for their owners, and are completely legal when used within state and federal laws.

Motorcyclists and ATV riders have legitimate rights, but still suffer from second-class status when they are involved in accidents. Negligent motorists may claim — "I didn't see any motorcycle" or "that ATV came out of nowhere," — even when the facts show the driver was negligent. These people must be held accountable.

Fair Representation, Injury Compensation For Riders In Motorcycle Wrecks

Williams Newman Williams PLLC in Jackson, Mississippi, is dedicated to representing the rights of all motor vehicle users, including those who legitimately choose to ride motorcycles and ATVs.

Our auto accident attorneys are former insurance lawyers who understand how personal injury cases work. They also know, from experience, what it takes to convince juries that riders' injuries require the same consideration as drivers' injuries in personal injury cases.

Retain our legal team, and we will investigate all angles of your accident and determine its causes. If a motorist was completely at fault, or even partially at fault, for the accident, we will do everything possible to hold him or her accountable, while pursuing full compensation from negligent parties and their liable insurance companies.

Lawyers And Advocates For Motorcycle And ATV Riders

Motorcyclists and ATV riders need more than a personal injury lawyer to plead their cases. They need aggressive, dedicated advocates who will tenaciously pursue their goals. At Williams Newman Williams PLLC, we are those lawyers.

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ATVs Can Kill — Mississippi Provides The Proof

According to Mississippi State Department of Health statistics, during the five years prior to 2007, 115 people died as a result of ATV crashes in Mississippi. This represented a 70 percent increase over the prior six years. To put this figure into perspective, consider that more than 1 percent of all unintentional injury deaths in the state are caused by ATV accidents.

According to the state, using helmets could lower this fatality rate. Other possibilities including product defects, insufficient safety warnings and other factors could apply. At Williams Newman Williams PLLC, our lawyers FIGHT FOR RIGHT on behalf of injured clients throughout the state.

If you or your child was injured in an ATV accident, our lawyers are ready to help you obtain justice and compensation you need. Contact us in Jackson, Mississippi, today at 601-208-0343 or 800-558-4208 toll free.