Is An Elderly Loved One Suffering From Bedsores?

A bedsore or pressure sore is a common injury we see in cases of nursing home abuse and neglect. A bedsore or pressure sore is caused by constant pressure on the skin. Bedsores can become infected if left untreated, leading to severe tissue damage, including damage to bones and muscles, and even death. However, bedsores and pressure sores are easily preventable and are a red flag that the nursing home is not providing proper care to your loved one.

If your senior loved one is staying at a hospital or nursing home and has suffered injuries like these, you should know that bedsores are a strong indicator of inadequate care. Your elderly relative deserves better from his or her hospital, nursing home or assisted living center — and so do you. You have entrusted the life of an elderly relative to caregivers whose sole job is to take care of that person.

Common Causes Of Pressure Sores

Pressure inflicted by bedsores or decubitus ulcers is greatest on bony areas where little natural cushioning exists, particularly the sacrum, coccyx, spine, hip, heels, elbows and shoulder blades. The following are some common causes of bedsores:

  • Sustained pressure. When a patient spends excessive time in one position, his or her skin and underlying tissues can be deprived of oxygen and nutrients. This can damage the patient's tissues and eventually kill the tissues and the patient.
  • Friction. When a patient is handled by nursing staff or changes position voluntarily, his or her skin may experience friction as it rubs across bed sheets or another surface. If the skin is moist, that friction increases. Fragile skin, such as that of elderly people, is especially vulnerable to friction injuries.
  • Shear. Shear injuries occur when two surfaces move in the opposite direction. A common situation involves elderly patients in hospital beds. If the head of the bed is raised, gravity pulls the patient's body downward, causing skin to pull taut. When skin is thin and is next to bone, this pulling can cause broken blood vessels and torn skin. Shearing and sustained pressure injuries often happen simultaneously, leading to open wounds.

Many nursing home residents develop sores when they are not properly turned and repositioned or given the proper mattresses to prevent wounds or assist with wound healing. Many nursing home staff members fail to notice wounds or assess wounds as they are required within the standard of care. Many nursing homes simply fail to properly staff their facilities, provide necessary training and supervision, or provide adequate supplies to assist in wound healing.

Bedsores are known to cause pain, infection, tissue damage and wrongful death in neglected nursing home residents. Nevertheless, many nursing homes tell families that these wounds were unavoidable — when often the wounds could have been easily prevented!


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Bedsores are highly preventable with proper care that includes attention to nutrition and regular repositioning of the nursing home resident. Patients should be frequently monitored, especially those who are not ambulatory. Residents confined to a bed or a wheelchair should be checked frequently for signs of bedsores.

If your elderly relative or friend is not receiving proper care, our client-committed law firm can conduct an in-depth investigation and provide you with aggressive litigation that sends a message.

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