Did An Elderly Loved One Break A Bone?

If you have an elderly loved one who is under nursing care, or living at a nursing home, chances are you also know of someone who has suffered broken bones while under care. Nursing home fractures are so common that many people in the health care field consider these injuries an inevitability, rather than a preventable injury that can be avoided with proper precautions.

This is an incredibly irresponsible viewpoint, as a fall by an elderly person can result in that person never walking again.

At Williams Newman Williams PLLC, in Jackson, Mississippi, we believe that falls at nursing homes are unacceptable. Our lawyers for broken bones in nursing homes fight for right on behalf of our clients and their families. We have extensive experience in representing elderly and vulnerable clients who have suffered broken bones while under the care of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, at-home nursing services and other health care entities.

An Elder Slip-And-Fall Is Not The Patient's Fault — It Is The Caregiver's Responsibility To Prevent

Our attorneys are highly familiar with the nursing home industry, and have years of experience in representing the interests of injured clients. We know that many injuries at nursing homes consider inevitable are completely preventable, and are instead the result of poor employee training, inadequate staffing, cluttered environments, failure to implement safety devices like bed railings, and cutting corners in ways that put the elderly and vulnerable in danger.

If your loved one suffered a broken hip due to a fall on a hard floor, tripped over loose linoleum, chipped tile or frayed carpeting, or was left unsupervised by nursing staff, we can hold the nursing home accountable for the injuries caused.

Likewise, if your loved one's bone fractures were caused by rough handling during transport, while being lifted from a bed, or as a result of physical or sexual abuse by a staff, resident or visitor, we will seek justice on your behalf.

Although bones may mend, the sad fact is that broken bones — especially for elderly patients — do not heal as well as the bones of the young. A pelvic fracture, broken femur, or fractured wrist may never fully heal. The trauma of bone fractures can also make patients vulnerable to infections and other ailments that can start a downward spiral of decreasing fitness that can end in further disability or wrongful death.

We Take Nursing Home Bone Fractures Seriously

Our law firm takes its clients' health seriously, and if you retain our lawyers, we will seek both justice and compensation for your loved one's injuries. Doing so will send an important message to nursing homes while providing you with the money you need to find better health care.

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