Was Your Elderly Loved One A Victim Of A Medication Error?

Nursing homes have a responsibility to ensure that proper medication and doses are administered to residents, as prescribed by their physicians. When errors in administering prescription drug errors cause injuries or death to a resident, the residents and family members may be able to sue negligent parties for damages.

Williams Newman Williams PLLC is a Jackson, Mississippi, law firm representing the needs and interests of victims of nursing home neglect, as well as their family members.

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We help clients from throughout central Mississippi obtain compensation in these and other circumstances in which negligence causes injury or wrongful death:

  • Failure to administer insulin and other life-preserving drugs
  • Incorrect dosages
  • Missed dosages
  • Overdoses leading to seizures, strokes, organ failure, brain damage or other issues
  • Overmedication of sedatives and anti-psychotic medications to control behavior

Did Your Loved One Receive An 'Accidental Overdose' In A Nursing Home?

Many medication errors result from poor screening and training of lower-level employees. If a careless, malicious or incompetent employee caused injury to your loved one, we can investigate hiring and training methods, review employee logs, and otherwise seek to identify the cause.

Medication errors are not always the fault of nursing aides and other lower-level employees, however. Doctors and nurses may be overworked, impaired by lack of sleep or chemical dependency, or simply careless in the prescribing and administering of prescription medications to nursing home patients.

Whatever the cause of your loved one's medication mistake, our attorneys can help you hold negligent nursing homes, employees and malpractice insurers accountable for their errors. Our experienced Jackson medication error lawyers can help you obtain the justice and financial compensation you need.

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