Physical And Sexual Abuse In Nursing Homes

Although many Mississippi employers require applicants to submit to criminal background checks, it is not a legal requirement for most jobs.

When you entrust your elderly or disabled loved one to a nursing home, group home or another care facility, you really are putting your trust in the organization's screening processes. With employee turnover alarmingly high at nursing homes, it is unsurprising that many convicted criminals — even ones with records of physical or sexual abuse — evade detection and are allowed to care for our most vulnerable citizens.

Did A Nursing Home Violate Your Trust?

The law firm of Williams Newman Williams PLLC in Jackson, Mississippi, FIGHTS FOR RIGHT on behalf of clients who have been physically and emotionally injured by unfit nursing home employees, residents and visitors.

If your elderly, disabled or incapacitated loved one was abused while under nursing care, our attorneys can help you hold the offending individual (or individuals) and the nursing home accountable for damages.

Circumstances in which we can help:

  • Sexual assault, including rape
  • Physical assault, including hitting, punching, slapping and forceful grabbing, and improper use of physical restraints
  • Overmedication or improper use of medications (such as sedatives)
  • Intimidation, insults and threats of harm
  • Inadequate security allowing abuse to occur unnoticed, or allowing strangers to enter a facility undetected
  • Failure to report or address discovered instances of physical or sexual abuse

Our experienced lawyers have seen the worst that nursing home employees and other caregivers have done to defenseless patients entrusted to their care.

Our Jackson nursing home abuse attorneys go after the employers who tolerate negligent hiring practices and create the conditions for lax security to exist on their premises. In our minds, these entities are just as guilty for enabling a physical or sexual assault to occur as the criminal employee is for perpetrating it.

Fighting Elder Sexual Abuse In Nursing Homes

We strive to hold all negligent and liable parties accountable so that you can feel justice has been served. We pursue financial damages from them as a punishment to encourage them to change their ways, and to somehow compensate abuse victims for their pain and suffering, disability, and any medical bills, counseling, or ongoing therapies required for the abuse victim to move on.

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