Inadequate Nursing Home Training Is A Problem

Nursing homes have notoriously high employee turnover rates. The reasons are obvious when one considers the conditions under which nursing aides and other staff persist.

Nurses and doctors at nursing homes have demanding jobs, and many facilities provide only enough high-level workers on each shift to meet state regulations. As a result, these workers tend to be overworked.

Gaps in staffing tend to be filled by lower-level nursing home workers such as nursing aides. These workers are often undertrained, underpaid and underexperienced. Even though these workers are the ones your loved ones have the most contact with, they are also the least able to meet their needs, both in day-to-day situations and emergencies.

Lawyers Fighting Against Lack Of Elderly Patient Supervision

Williams Newman Williams PLLC in Jackson, is law firm that FIGHTS FOR RIGHT on behalf of clients injured at nursing homes and other care facilities in central Mississippi. Our poor nursing home training lawyers understand that training and supervision issues are enormous problems that put patients' lives in danger. We hold nursing homes, care facilities and negligent employees accountable for training and supervision issues, including:

  • Negligent hiring
  • Understaffing
  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of supervision

Nursing home companies frequently fail to enforce safety procedures as strongly as is done in other areas of medical care.

Moreover, working conditions are often less than ideal. Nursing homes are often understaffed and employees are overworked. Because of these job conditions, nursing homes often attract people who have few other options. Conversely, nursing homes are often desperate to attract what help they can get.

Background checks are often left incomplete, and applicants with questionable work or criminal histories may be permitted to work. This is, of course, not the case at all nursing homes or care facilities, but they happen enough to be a legitimate problem for the nursing home industry and its patients.

At Williams Newman Williams PLLC, our lawyers are cognizant of the training and supervision issues that can lead to nursing home neglect. If your loved one has been mistreated at a nursing home, we can identify these issues and use them as a basis to pursue justice and financial compensation on your behalf. We hold negligent employees and their employers accountable for the injuries, and pain and suffering they cause to our clients.

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