Was Your Child Injured At A Day Care?

Many families across Mississippi and the southern United States are forced to entrust their children to day care facilities. Parents rely on these facilities to keep their children safe while they go to work to support their families.

Injuries to children at day care centers are unacceptable and preventable. Parents trust day care centers to take care of their children while they are away. They do not expect their children will be injured or killed. Nevertheless, tragic events can and do occur at day care centers.

Williams Newman Williams PLLC in Jackson is a trusted law firm that has represented clients in numerous day care injury negligence cases. We help parents obtain justice and compensation for injuries sustained to their children while entrusted to caregivers, day care centers, preschools and other places where children are cared for.

We FIGHT FOR RIGHT On Behalf Of Injured Children And Their Families

Day care centers are heavily regulated. They must complete background checks on all caretakers, ensure employees have first-aid certifications and observe mandatory minimum teacher-to-child ratios.

Many times, day care centers have their own policies and procedures that must be abided by at all times. Failure to follow Department of Health mandatory regulations and internal policies and procedures can result in severe injuries to children in day care facilities across the state.

Examples of injury situations in which we help parents and children include:

  • Playground accidents resulting in broken bones, closed head wounds, cuts, bruising and other serious injuries
  • Physical assault by staff, including shaking, pushing, pulling, grabbing, or hitting a child as physical discipline
  • Molestation/sexual assault
  • Failure to supervise
  • Failure to report injuries
  • Failure to seek treatment
  • Poor training of staff
  • Injuries due to an unsafe premises
  • Inadequate background checks of staff
  • Failure to observe Mississippi State Department of Health regulations

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At Williams Newman Williams PLLC, our lawyers respond quickly to inquiries and maintain open lines of communication throughout our clients' legal matters. We care about our clients and always seek outcomes our clients desire — whether that means holding negligent or liable businesses and staff accountable, or obtaining the compensation you need to cover your child's medical bills, counseling, therapies and other costs resulting from a day care negligence injury.

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Our law firm charges on a contingency fee basis. This means you will owe us no attorney fees unless we obtain compensation on your behalf.

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