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The good news is, motorcycle deaths in the state of Mississippi are down 2016-to-2017 by 26%. Some experts cite that the increasing use of helmets may have something to do with that. The bad news is, motorcycle accidents continue to be one of the more severe types of crashes on our roadways. Thousands of motorcycle drivers are impacted every year with temporary and permanent injuries.

As fun as motorcycle driving can be, the facts point to how prone they are to accidents due to their instability (2 instead of 4 wheels) aren't as protected (as a passenger car) and tend to be less visible to other vehicles.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, regardless of who was at fault, you might want to consider hiring a motorcycle wreck law firm in Jackson. Williams Newman Williams PLLC represents accident victims who need an experienced motorcycle wreck lawyer in Jackson. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the lesser-known facts about motorcycle accidents, but first, let's talk about liability/negligence in motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents - Liability/Negligence

Just as with car accidents, liability is determined by who might be negligent and caused the crash to begin with. A Jackson motorcycle wreck attorney can typically help in determining negligence. Often times, other drivers are found to be the ones liable in motorcycle accidents as they are supposed to yield to motorcyclists in almost all cases. Naturally, if the biker is seen to be driving recklessly or inebriated, liability would be found with the motorcyclist.

The Four Elements to a Negligence Motorcycle Claim

The person who is filing the claim (a plaintiff, typically the victim) has to prove the following:

● Prove Unreasonable Care - For example, if you are the victim, you would need to be able to show that the driver who hit you didn't take reasonable care to avoid an accident. This might be that you saw they didn't check their blind spot or they were texting and driving.

● Prove You Took Reasonable Care - For example, you'll want to show how you tried to avoid the accident by maneuvering to move away from the other vehicle. If you can back this up by proving you took classes that taught you this skill, even better.

● Prove The Driver Caused Your Injuries - For example, you'll want to prove that when the driver hit the right side of your bike by moving left, that it is a direct result of the bike falling on its right side giving you a broken right arm and cracked ribs. Your Jackson motorcycle accident law firm should have resources to help you prove this.

● Prove You Have Suffered Losses as a Result of The Accident - For example, you can do this by showing your days in the hospital with medical records, get attendance records from your work to prove time off taken, use contracts and pay stubs to determine loss of income, etc.

These are the key factors in proving your accident claim. Working with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Jackson is likely your best option to get the compensation you need to heal and recover from your injuries and losses.

Motorcycle Accident Facts

These facts and statistics were found in what is referred to as the HURT report which included a study done to learn more about motorcycle accidents and their causes. You can read the full report here, or keep reading to learn some of the most interesting facts.

● Three-fourths of accidents involving a motorcycle usually happen with a passenger car. When motorcyclists are driving near other vehicles they should be more alert and try to drive a reasonable distance from others; paying close attention to the driver's blind spots.

● In contrast, one-fourth of motorcycle accidents involve the biker hitting a fixed object or driving off the road. While less common, cyclists will want to ensure they are outfitted with appropriate safety gear and stay focused while driving.

● Since over two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involve other drivers violating the motorcyclist's right-of-way, they should consider working with a Jackson motorcycle wreck attorney to ensure they get their full rights to compensation.

● When a biker is driving, one of the most significant contributions to accidents is their skewed vision. This might seem counter-intuitive since motorcyclists seem to have no obstructions like cars, however, it is the obstructions of other vehicles and glare that creates almost half of their accidents.

● Motorcycle maintenance seems to be more important than imagined because 62% of accidents with bikes having some kind of fuel leak resulted in a post-crash fire. This could be easily preventable with proper care and maintenance of your bike.

● Riders between the ages of 16 and 24 had higher accident rates than those who were between 30 and 50 years of age. Males are also 96% of crash accident victims.

● Another interesting fact is that craftsperson, laborers and students tend to make up most of the accident victims vs. professional occupations. This fact complicates those trying to go back to their trade needing full use of their bodily functions in order to work.

● 92% of motorcycle drivers were self-taught and never took any professional classes to learn safe roadway behaviors. Do yourself a favor right now and sign up for a class, it is small things like this that can impact your claim showing that you have taken precautions to be safe on the roads.

● Nearly half of all motorcycle accidents/fatalities in the U.S., involve alcohol intoxication. This means cyclists need to refrain from drinking and driving and be on high alert for anyone else that may be.

Are you ready to start your motorcycle accident claim? Our skilled Jackson Motorcycle accident attorney can help you navigate your claim and get you the best possible outcome for your case. Call or connect with us online and let's get started.

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