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Distracted Driving Goes Beyond Texting

Many Mississippi drivers know that texting while driving is dangerous. However, as phone technology has dramatically improved over the past decade, drivers are finding other ways to become distracted. Some drivers operate their vehicles while on popular phone apps, such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. These apps, in addition to the widespread "Pokémon Go", are blamed for causing multiple accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately eight people are killed every day as a result of distracted driving accidents. However, the number of distracted driving deaths may actually be under-reported due to the fact that it is very difficult to prove that the liable driver was distracted.

Essentially, a vehicle can travel the length of an entire football field in the amount of time it takes a driver to read a text on their phone. Within that time span, anything can happen. Drivers may never see stoplights or pedestrians who are crossing in front of them or they may not be able to react should another vehicle make a lane change.

If a distracted driver causes an accident, those who were involved can suffer serious injuries such a traumatic brain injury and broken bones. If it can be proven that the driver was driving unsafely or was distracted at the time the accident occurred, an attorney may help the injured person seek compensation for the damages they sustained. The attorney may submit evidence to prove the driver was distracted. This evidence may include the police report and witness testimony. The injured person's medical records and photographic evidence may show the severity of the accident.