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Important Vehicle Accident Documents

A Mississippi car accident victim looking to file a personal injury lawsuit should be aware of the different documents they will have to provide to their attorney. These documents are necessary for the attorney to effectively represent a client and facilitate the legal process.

A driver's vehicle insurance policy may be among the most important documents an attorney should see. It will detail the insurance company's financial responsibility. With the appropriate permissions, an attorney can acquire a copy of the policy from the insurance carrier if the driver does not have a copy.

Although the policy document provides valuable information, it is important to provide proof that the insurance is valid and premiums have been paid. Copies of billing correspondence, such as insurance statements that detail the premiums that are due, coupled with proof of payments are enough to verify that the insurance policy is current.

Any documents that have been completed by law enforcement should also be provided to the attorney. This includes accident reports, which will provide pertinent information regarding the crash, and the police officer's assessment regarding the cause of the accident. The lawyer should also receive a copy of any tickets that were issued because of the accident. Additional documents that are needed include medical and psychological records, documentation verifying lost wages that resulted from the accident, photos of the damages sustained by the vehicle and copies of all statements that were made to the insurance company.

Attorneys require a variety of documents in order to be fully informed about an auto accident. With proper documentation, a personal injury attorney may be able to obtain compensation for her or his client.