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Brake Safety Week for Commercial Trucks

Some Mississippi commercial trucking accidents happen because of faulty brakes. Because these mechanical issues often go unnoticed, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration partnered for a week of nationwide brake inspections between Sept. 11 and 17.

During the week, law enforcement agencies conducted inspections in order to identify problems with brakes on commercial vehicles. According to the CVSA, the inspectors were looking for various problems, including worn brake pads, rotors, drums, and liners as well as loose components, missing parts and leaks.

During brake inspection week in 2015, 12.3 percent of the inspected trucks were placed out of service for faulty brakes. A total of 18,817 inspections were completed during the week.

This year, the inspections occurred both locally and across the country. According to the agencies, most of the inspections were full level-I inspections.

Trucking carriers are supposed to conduct regular inspections of their trucks and make repairs as necessary. If a company fails to do so, the driver and other motorists on the road will be put at risk of being seriously injured or killed if an accident happens. Because trucks are often large and heavy, truck accidents are more likely to be deadly and catastrophic. Injured truck accident victims, as well as the families of victims who have been killed, might benefit from consulting with personal injury attorneys who accept accident cases. An attorney might litigate the matter in order to recover damages that may compensate the client for all of their losses.