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Reporting Suspected Elder Abuse

When people in Mississippi believe that elderly loved ones are being abused or neglected, they might not know what they can do. People who suspect abuse or neglect of anyone should report the suspected abuse immediately.

Concerned parties should call 911 or their local police department to report the abuse. For elderly people, they can also call Adult Protective Services in the area where the person lives. People who call in reports should be prepared with their names, the name and address of the abused or neglected person and what events prompted the call.

In most cases, Adult Protective Services will be the agency that responds to the call about elderly abuse or neglect. The police might also go along with investigators from the agency. When a person has been physically abused, it is very important that they receive medical care. A doctor can help to determine the extent of the person's injuries and provide treatment that could help the person recover.

After a person has gotten help for his or her loved one, he or she might want to talk with a personal injury attorney who accepts nursing home abuse cases. A lawyer might be able to help his or her client hold the abuser accountable for his or her actions. Lawyers may work to recover damages in amounts that are sufficient to fairly compensate the victim for his or her losses. A lawyer might be able to provide an estimated range within which the person may expect a damages award or settlement to fall. The attorney may then litigate the matter fully for the benefit of his or her client.