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Busting Common Nursing Home Misconceptions

Entrusting a parent to the care of a nursing home is a major decision. If you have reached this point, it is likely the best option for both you and your loved one, but there are several misconceptions that everybody considering nursing home care should be aware of. According to ABC News, one in three nursing home residents is abused. Being aware of the following misconceptions can help prevent such mistreatment.

Falling is inevitable

Many elderly people have issues with vertigo and balance, so it is no surprise that they may fall if they are left unsupervised. In a nursing home environment, however, the staff is supposed to be present in order to prevent this. If you find out that a loved one has fallen, you should not assume it was an accident. Rather, you should question how it happened and whether it is a reliable account of the resident’s injuries.

Illness is nothing to worry about

Similarly, most nursing home residents are there because of failing health. It is reasonable, then, that you may accept reports of a resident's illness without question. Many ailments, however—including dehydration, malnutrition or infections—may be the cause of lacking care from nursing home staff. If your loved one has experienced these or any other seemingly preventable illnesses, it is worth considering whether neglect contributed.

Pressure sores are normal

Pressure sores develop when a bedridden patient is not able to move positions for an extended period. This eventually leads to skin damage in the form of ulcers. While some may suggest that this ailment is normal or an inevitability, it is, in fact, a common symptom of nursing home neglect. If your loved one has developed pressure ulcers, you should take action to ensure sufficient care in the future.

Elderly people are one of the most vulnerable populations. Contact an attorney if you have reason to believe your loved one has suffered nursing home abuse.