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Majority of Drivers Thought to Engage in Road Rage Incidents

Mississippi drivers may be interested to learn that, according to a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, approximately 80 percent of motorists had one incidence of road rage or significant anger within the past year when operating a vehicle. Further, approximately eight million U.S. drivers reportedly engaged in extreme road rage incidents, which included physically confronting other drivers and causing damage to vehicles.

The study also estimated that a significant number of drivers engaged in aggressive driving behaviors that could have turned deadly. For example, approximately 51 percent of drivers, or 104 million drivers, were estimated to have purposefully tailgated the vehicle in front of them. Forty-seven percent of drivers were estimated to have yelled at another driver. When it came to honking in anger and making angry gestures at other drivers, the estimated numbers were 45 percent and 33 percent, respectively.

The AAA offers several tips to help avoid road rage incidents. These include being tolerant and forgiving of other drivers who show overtly aggressive driving behavior and avoiding causing other drivers to have to use their brakes or turn their steering wheel suddenly. Finally, if another driver is engaging in road rage, it is recommended that a driver does not respond to the aggressor and contacts the police if he or she feels that the incident could escalate.

When drivers operate their vehicles in an aggressive or dangerous manner, they put others at risk for becoming involved in a life-impacting or life-threatening car accident. If a person suffers injuries after another purposefully causes the crash due to road rage, a personal injury attorney may file a lawsuit against the liable driver in order to recover damages, including expenses for medical treatment, lost income and potentially even property damages.