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Cargo Safety to Be the Focus of International Roadcheck Campaign

Tractor-trailers that have been pulled over for safety inspections could be a familiar sight on the roads of Mississippi in early June. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, a nonprofit organization, has announced that its annual 72-hour International Roadcheck safety blitz will begin on June 6, and the focus will be on cargo safety and securement. During 2016's inspection event, 62,796 commercial vehicles were inspected, and the CVSA suggests that truck drivers can expect a similar degree of scrutiny in early June.

One of the goals of the campaign is to protect motorists and other road users from poorly maintained or otherwise unsafe commercial vehicles, and extremely thorough North American Standard Level I inspections uncovered violations serious enough to remove a truck from service more than 21 percent of the time during the International Roadcheckinitiative in 2016. Trucks were most often pulled off the road due to braking issues or hours of service violations.

Truck drivers who wish to avoid such a fate may wish to read a flyer devoted to cargo safety provided by CVSA. The organization reminds commercial vehicle operators that shifting loads can make driving a challenge and vehicles difficult to handle, and this can be particularly true when cargo becomes unstable at highway speeds. Drivers are urged to make sure that cargo is properly secured at all times and check tie-downs regularly for damage or excessive wear.

When truck accidents are caused by unsafe commercial vehicles, experienced personal injury attorneys may initiate litigation on behalf of those who sustained injuries against the negligent parties. While preparing these kinds of lawsuits, lawyers may study the violations and driving records of the truck and operator involved as well as police reports and accident investigations.