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What If I Cannot Visit My Parent in a Nursing Home Often?

Many adult children would rather see their parents live out their days at home, but that frequently is not possible.

For one thing, these senior citizens may need special care, and nursing homes can be a good solution. At the same time, neglect and abuse may be a worry, especially for those children who are unable to visit often. Here are some tips for such a situation.

Attempt other means of direct contact

Talking on the telephone and even via video chat may be possible. You can hear directly from your parents how their life is at the nursing home and ask questions that ensure they are receiving the care they deserve. In fact, depression and outbursts are two signs of possible abuse, so staying in frequent contact allows you to monitor what is normal behavior and what is not. You can also ask about new bruises or spots you see on their heads.

Communicate with a contact person

Whether it is a relative, family friend or someone you compensate, it is a good idea for your parents to have visitors. They provide invaluable socialization and can play a role in preventing or spotting abuse or neglect. At the very least, this contact person can let you know if your parents sustain injuries such as a broken hip bone.

Perform due diligence on the nursing home

When you and perhaps your parents are exploring nursing home options, ask questions about background checks and nurse-patient ratios. The unfortunate fact is that many nursing home personnel do not undergo comprehensive background checks, nor do they receive thorough training.

Having a parent or two in a nursing home makes for stressful times, especially when you cannot visit as often as you would like. If you suspect abuse or neglect, an attorney can help you determine if you