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Crashes Involving Large Trucks

The individuals in Mississippi who are in the most danger from large truck accidents are the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles. Whether or not car drivers are taking every precaution while driving, they are susceptible to being injured if the operator of the truck is distracted or driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Because of the vast differences in the size of the vehicles, there is a higher chance that serious injuries or death will occur.

For individuals whose passenger vehicle is involved in a crash with a large truck, they should immediately contact emergency services and request medical assistance for the injured. If it is possible and safe, they should move their vehicle on the side of the road so that it will not be in the path of oncoming traffic.

Flares and other road hazard signaling paraphernalia should be used to warn other drivers that a crash has occurred. Orange reflective triangles may be used as well as vehicle hazard lights.

Local or state police should be contacted so that they can make sure that the scene is safe. They will also take an incident report that may have a significant role in any lawsuits that are filed in the future related to the crash.

Obtaining and providing contact and insurance details with all of the parties involved in the accident is another critical step to take. The information is needed if an insurance claim has to be filed and if the case has to be brought before the court.

A personal injury attorney may assist clients with pursuing financial damages against the parties whose negligent actions were responsible for the truck accidents that resulted in injuries. The operators of large commercial trucks may be held liable for head-on collisions caused by distracted, drunk or drowsy driving.