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Truck Accidents and Ornamental Wheel Spikes

Mississippi motorists may have seen large trucks with spikes on their hub caps. These spikes are ornamental and make the trucks and their drivers look more aggressive. They also have the potential of causing more accidents if they extend out too far.

Almost 25 percent of pedestrians and 50 percent of bicyclists who are killed in collisions with large trucks first strike the sides of the large vehicles. If there are protruding spikes, there may be increased risks of these side impacts. Protruding tire spikes may also contact other vehicles, causing them to have accidents. Because of the safety concerns, Hawaii has enacted legislation outlawing the use of ornamental tire spikes.

In one case in Louisiana in 2012, a victim of a car and large truck collision described the truck as having spikes on its hub caps. The fact that the victim noticed these spikes points to the fact that other motorists may be distracted by them. They also tend to lead other motorists to view the trucks as more intimidating and aggressive, which could affect their driving around the trucks. Other than in Hawaii, however, ornamental wheel spikes are not prohibited. Some trucking companies have established their own policies forbidding them.

Truck accidents are often far more catastrophic than accidents involving smaller vehicles. When these accidents are caused by the negligent actions of truck drivers, the injured victims may be able to hold the drivers accountable by filing civil lawsuits against them. People are often able to also name the trucking carriers as defendants in their lawsuits because employers are considered to be vicariously liable for the wrongful and negligent actions of their employees. Experienced personal injury lawyers may investigate truck accidents and work to build the strongest cases for their clients. This may help them to recover more damages than they might otherwise receive.