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What Nursing Homes Can Hide from Residents

Nursing homes in Mississippi are generally geared to create a community atmosphere for those who live in them. They also tend to have skilled nurses and other medical professionals on staff. However, there are issues that an individual may not be aware of when entering a home or entering a family member into one. For instance, some nursing homes don't allow lawsuits and instead require arbitration.

Residents in some nursing homes could go hungry or suffer health problems because of a lack of nutrition. In 2015, a data review found that nursing home residents have a higher rate of experiencing anorexia through aging. Nursing home residents can also feel isolated or depressed because they are not allowed to move freely within the residence. It is also possible that a nursing home resident won't be allowed to use his or her regular doctors.

The nurses at a nursing home aren't always permanent staff members. Temporary members are less likely to form a bond with the residents because they leave as soon as there are enough permanent nurses. It is recommended that an individual not enter a home unless at least 80 percent of the staff works permanently at that location. However, even if a nursing home has most permanent nurses, there is still a chance that the location won't have enough staff on hand.

If a nursing home resident experiences a fall or is the victim of a medication error, it could be an example of nursing home abuse. Residents who are abused could be compensated for their injuries, and victims or their families may be able to take legal action against a liable party or parties.