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How Can You Tell If Your Loved One Is Getting the Proper Care?

The decision to admit your aging mother to a nursing home may cause you great stress. Perhaps you do not have the funds required for the best home, or the location is not as close to your home in Jackson, Mississippi, as you would like.

Regardless of your circumstances, your mother deserves the best care, and knowing what to look for can help ensure she gets it.

Spot physical changes

Does your mother look well when you visit? Take note of obvious physical changes. Is she sitting in the chair chatting as usual, or can she only lie in bed and sleep? Take a good look at her skin for signs of bruising or bedsores. Take a look at her legs for signs of poor circulation. Swelling and pooling of blood at the ankle and calf are signs that she is not active, or the staff is not properly moving her.

Mental differences may signal a serious injury

Your mother is mentally sharp, even at her advanced age. If you detect a change in her mental state, especially a drastic one, it may signal she has sustained a traumatic brain injury. A fall is usually the culprit, and if your mother is not receiving the care required, she may have taken a tumble either out of bed or while walking. Brain injuries require immediate medical intervention. If you suspect something has occurred to cause one, have her transported to the hospital.

Your mother always cared for you, and now that she is aging, you want to care for her. If you have concerns about her level of care in her nursing home facility, address those concerns with administration immediately. Remaining vigilant and understanding the signs and symptoms of neglect are the best ways to ensure your parent receives the care she deserves.