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Nursing Home Neglect Abuses Continue

The history of almshouses, charitable housing for the poor, old and distressed, predates the settlement of America. Over the years, conditions in these facilities have been the subject of much debate. With the post-Depression establishment of government-funded social programs and the advent of Medicare and Medicaid, skilled nursing facilities grew exponentially to care for the aging population. Unfortunately, the quality of care in Mississippi nursing homes is not always ideal.

Government studies paint an ominous picture of this problem. It is estimated that up to 5 percent of all nursing home patients in the U.S. are the subjects of criminal neglect. Many people consider the criminal behavior to be assertive acts, such as assault or theft. While this certainly this does occur in nursing homes, criminally neglectful behavior also includes the failure to provide adequate care.

Whether through inadequate training, understaffing or simply by the staff members' failure to do the job, many nursing home patients do not receive enough nutrition, hygienic care, exercise and other basic necessities based. Other issues arise because the staff fails to maintain adequate standards by washing their hands regularly and keeping equipment in proper condition. In some cases, the nursing home staff fails to maintain adequate control over certain patients, who become a danger to their fellow residents.

In the case of nursing home neglect, it is often the family and friends of the patient who must act. A nursing home neglect lawyer can be instrumental in safeguarding a victim's fundamental rights. Through a claim or lawsuit, the at-fault party could be held accountable.