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Safe Driving Means Understanding Right-Of-Way Laws

Mississippi residents can keep themselves and others on the road safe by understanding who has the right of way in a given situation. For instance, at a four-way stop, drivers exit the intersection in the same way that they entered. If two vehicles enter an intersection at the same time, the one on the right side generally gets to go first. When approaching a roundabout, it is a good idea to wait until there is sufficient space to enter.

In some cases, making a mistake in a roundabout may be treated the same as a failure to yield. When a driver sees a pedestrian in a crosswalk, that driver should allow the pedestrian to finish crossing the street. If a pedestrian starts to cross a street when a traffic light or other signal changes, he or she is allowed to finish crossing.

There are two situations in which drivers are required to stop at all times. Drivers must stop when they see a red light. Failure to do so could result in injuries or death to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. There were 709 people killed in 2014 by drivers that ran red lights, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. When a driver sees an emergency vehicle or a school bus that is stopped, he or she must also stop or pull over.

Those who are involved in a collision with a negligent driver may be able to receive compensation for their injuries as well as for other costs, such as lost wages or to replace damaged property. An attorney may use cell phone records, physical evidence at the scene or a police report to establish that negligence played a role in an accident. Cases may be resolved either through a trial or with an informal settlement.