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How to Spot Abuse in Nursing Homes

Of all the forms of abuse prevalent in nursing homes, neglect is the most common one. Simply put, neglect takes place any time an individual does not get the level of care they require; for example, when a man from Mississippi in his 80s has problems feeding himself and doesn't get fed regularly by a caregiver, this is considered neglect and abuse, which is a very serious matter and needs to be handled immediately.

When trying to ascertain whether a loved one is being neglected, there are several things to look for. To start with, the general cleanliness of both the individual as well as their living conditions can be an excellent indicator of how well this individual is looked after. Elderly people may find difficulty in showering, clipping their nails or cleaning their rooms on a regular basis, which puts this responsibility onto the shoulders of the nursing home.

Another thing to look for is the physical condition of the individual, which includes how well they are fed and how much regular exercise the nursing home helps them do. Furthermore, seeing as old people may find it difficult to move in general, it is the nursing home's responsibility to aid them while moving. Otherwise, these nursing home residents risk falling and injuring themselves, which may turn into a permanent, debilitating affliction.

Abuse can also manifest itself in the form of psychological issues, which range from fear of caregivers to a general withdrawal and disinterest in the world. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to spot any changes in the loved one's general mood and disposition.

It is worth pointing out that any single factor on its own may not be borne out of neglect, yet seeing more than one sign take place concurrently is always a stronger indicator. In the event that someone begins to notice signs of possible neglect of a loved one, they may wish to reach out to an experienced professional for advice.