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Top 6 Red Flags of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

If your mother lives in a Mississippi nursing home, naturally you expect the nursing home staff to give her the care she needs and deserves. Unfortunately, however, some nursing homes fall far short of their duty of care to their residents.

When you visit your mother, keep an eye out for the following top six signs that the nursing home is abusing and/or neglecting her.

1. Injuries

Your mother should never have bruises, bumps or sores on her body. Should you see one, or should your mother have a bandage, you definitely need to know what happened to her and why it happened.

2. Mobility

While your mother should get as much exercise as possible to maintain good health, she may require assistance to walk or otherwise move. Without help, she could easily fall and injure herself. Be sure to listen to any complaints she has that she does not get the assistance she needs when she needs it, such as when she needs to use the bathroom.

3. Personal hygiene

Whenever you see your mother, she should present a clean and neat appearance. She should never emit body or mouth odors, nor should her hair, fingernails and toenails be overly long. In addition, her hair should be neatly combed and she should be wearing clean, adequate and appropriate clothing.

4. Nutrition and hydration

Your mother should always appear well-fed and hydrated. Again, listen to any complaints she may have about not getting enough food or water. Her complaints about food insufficiency are far different than any complaints she may have about the choice of foods available in the nursing home.

5. Living conditions

Your mother's nursing home room should be clean and neat. So should her bathroom. You should never see signs of dirt or mold, nor should you ever see signs of spilled water on the floors. In addition, the room should smell as good as it looks.

6. Psychological problems

While no one wants to live in a nursing home, your mother should appear reasonably happy, content and willing to communicate. If she seems depressed or withdrawn, this could well be a sign that the nursing home staff is neglecting or even abusing her. Do not hesitate to ask your mother about friends she has made since moving into the nursing home. Also carefully listen to any complaints she may have about one or more particular caregivers.

You want your mother to live the best life she possibly can, even though she lives it in a nursing home. Staying vigilant for signs of nursing home abuse and neglect represents your best course of action in assuring that she does, in fact, continue to live happily and healthfully.