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Signs of Nursing Home Neglect | Williams Newman Williams PLLC

Most people who place an elderly loved one in a Mississippi nursing home expect a certain level of care to be maintained. Unfortunately, neglect remains one of the most typical forms of abuse in U.S. nursing homes. Instances of this type of abuse can include oversights with basic hygiene and failure to provide assistance with daily tasks like eating and maintaining mobility.

It can be helpful for individuals with loved ones in need of special care to be aware of some of the common symptoms of nursing home neglect. For example, a lack of routine dental care is a serious problem. Failure to provide assistance with nail clipping, bathing and other personal hygiene tasks sometimes occurs if staff members aren't properly trained. Federal law requires long-term care facilities to maintain healthy, safe and sanitary living conditions. Unchanged bedding, lack of clean clothing and unclean kitchen areas are signs that could suggest this isn't happening.

Malnutrition and dehydration are physical signs of negligence that can seriously affect the health of nursing home residents, a problem that may impact 20 percent of international nursing facility residents. A lack of routine movement is a form of negligence that could lead to weak muscles and other physical issues. Unexplained injuries or bruises could be another sign that abuse or neglect is taking place. People should also be on the lookout for depression, sudden changes with behavior and other psychological issues.

If red flags suggesting nursing home negligence are spotted by family members, the responsible facilities may be held legally responsible. This means a lawyer could file a lawsuit if it becomes clear that abuse or neglect occurred. Grounds for legal action may include failure to screen and hire employees, failure to provide sufficient medical treatment and/or clear violations of federal and state regulations.