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What Happens After Nursing Home Abuse is Reported?

One day while visiting your elderly loved one in a nursing home, you recognize that he or she has bruises on certain parts of his or her body. You ask and your loved one informs you that he or she has been the victim of nursing home abuse. You take this information and report it to the proper authorities. Now what?

Many victims of nursing home abuse—and their families—don’t report the acts because they are unsure if anything will come of it. However, it’s imperative for you to recognize the process and understand why it’s so important to report the act of abuse to protect your loved one and others.

The Investigation

Once you report nursing home abuse, the authorities will begin their investigation into the matter. They’ll take a deep look into the nursing home, including the facility itself and all its staff members, to determine if there is a history of abuse or a concerning background.

The investigating entity will take various things into account including past reports of abuse or neglect, the staff-to-resident ratio, whether the facility meets care standards, and what the overall level of health and quality of life is in the facility. If they determine abuse took place, there are a few different steps they will take.

Removal of the Victim

Your loved one may be removed from the facility if the investigating party deems it to be too dangerous for him or her to stay. They’ll place them in another facility or release your loved one to you for care until they determine what to do next with the responsible party and facility.

Taking Legal Action

Once the investigation proves nursing home abuse exists, you can gather the necessary evidence to file a claim for compensation. If your claim is denied by the facility and its insurance, you may move forward with legal action to pursue the outcome you rightfully deserve.

Our Jackson nursing home abuse attorneys work hard on behalf of the elderly and the families of those who suffer harm. We’re committed to pursuing maximum compensation, especially when many of these actions are intentional or completely preventable.

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