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The Disastrous Aftermath of 18-Wheeler Accidents

Large 18-wheelers are familiar scenery across the United States. They’re essential to our economy. You see them on highways day after day. For the most part, everything is good, and the drivers are safe in their travels.

Unfortunately, some situations may arise that indicate potential negligence. Accidents involving these massive 18-wheelers occur, and if you’re in a smaller vehicle, you must deal with the devastating aftermath. You must recognize the common injuries and causes of these types of crashes, as well as your ability to pursue compensation.

Common Injuries After a Trucking Crash

The large size (sometimes up to 80,000 pounds) and the speed at which 18-wheelers travel can make any crash catastrophic. This term can also apply to the injuries you may sustain if you’re ever in one of these horrific crashes. Truck accidents often result in:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Damages can range from mild (concussions) to severe (coma). The impact of the truck colliding with your vehicle is enough to cause significant trauma to your head, skull, and brain.
  • Spinal cord damage: Whiplash is one of the most underestimated injuries. You may dismiss it as minor neck pain. However, damage to your nerves in your neck can be severe, leaving you with long-term problems, and even the possibility of paralysis.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Collisions

Many different factors cause 18-wheeler accidents, and they often involve multiple parties. Companies are negligent if they fail to maintain their trucks. Drivers are negligent if they drive beyond the Hours of Service regulation maximum limits. Other employees are negligent if they load the truck’s trailer container too heavy or imbalanced.

Some situations may even involve third parties. These situations include defective parts on the truck that result in a collision.

At Williams Newman Williams, our Jackson 18-wheeler accident lawyers are ready to represent you if you suffer harm due to negligence within the trucking industry. We work hard to determine the cause of your accident and hold the negligent party accountable for your damages.

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