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What Does it Mean for Mississippi to be a Fault Car Accident State?

The process following a car accident can be confusing as there are many intricacies that come into play. Unfortunately, this can cause many people to lose track of the steps to take after a crash. You should know, though, that Mississippi follows the fault-based insurance system regarding car accidents.

While there are a few states that follow a no-fault system, this is the more common method and is considered traditional when filing for compensation. Below, we’ll explain what this means for you if you suffer an accident in the state of Mississippi.

Who’s to Blame?

In a fault state, liability falls on the party responsible for the crash and his or her insurance company. Whereas a no-fault state would require you to go through your own insurance company, Mississippi allows you to file a claim against the insurance provider of the negligent person.

In the state of Mississippi, there also exists pure comparative negligence laws that state an injured person may recover compensation even if he or she is considered responsible for 99% of the accident. The compensation recovered, however, is reduced by the percentage of the driver’s contribution. As such, if you are injured in a crash but you are considered 30% at fault, your recovery may be reduced by that amount.

How Does the Process Work?

The process is the same where you will report the accident to your insurance company. Unfortunately, unless you’re a policyholder, insurance companies are not always easy to work with—and sometimes they’re tough even if you are a policyholder. So, you want to go through your own insurance provider who will then continue the process with the other driver’s insurance company.

Make sure you have legal representation before you speak with the other driver’s insurance company. They’re often willing to use various tactics to take advantage of your rights during a very vulnerable situation, and you need strong counsel to give you a voice.

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