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June 2016 Archives

Comparative liability in Mississippi lawsuits

Mississippi residents who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident will likely know that motorists who crash are rarely eager to admit that they were at fault. While the causes of some accidents may be clear, others are far more challenging for law enforcement officers, personal injury attorneys and the courts to untangle.

A common, but surprising cause of nursing home violence and abuse

When most people think of nursing home abuse, their mind goes to incites images of misconduct by staffers. When these stories are in the news, they typically involve tales of misconduct from the employees who are tasked with taking care of the elderly residents. These stories often expose negligence resulting from poor training or malicious behavior on the part of those employed by the facilities.

What all drivers should know about sharing roads with 18-wheelers

When you share the road with big trucks, there's always the possibility that something will go wrong. There are things you can do to reduce your risk of being involved in a truck accident, but you can't completely eliminate that risk. Even by following all the tips, you don't have control over the actions of truck drivers. Those actions can lead to devastating crashes, and if you've been the victim of a truck accident you may need a good attorney on your side to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Study looks at rates of abuse between residents in nursing homes

According to a new study conducted by a New York geriatrics doctor, at least 20 percent of nursing home residents experiences verbal or physical abuse from a roommate. The study looked at data from 2,011 residents and noticed that over 407 had experienced abuse during the month-long period over which the study was conducted.

Using truck safety regulations in personal injury litigation

We’ve been looking in recent posts at the federal hours of service rules and the ongoing developments regarding the 34-hour restart rule. As we pointed out last time, the whole discussion of trucking safety, rules and regulations is an important not only because it directly impacts highway safety, but also because it impacts the ability of those harmed in trucking accidents to recover damages from negligent truck drivers.

A brief look at the hours of service rules, and latest development on 34-hour restart, P.2

Previously, we began discussing the federal hours of service rules, which put limitations on the amount of time truck drivers may be behind the wheel on a daily and weekly basis and prescribe regular break times. As we noted last time, one of the rules that is currently in limbo is the so-called 34-hour restart rule.

Seeking monetary judgment for injuries after nursing home neglect

Many elderly persons in Mississippi reach a point in their lives when they are no longer capable of living on their own. In such situations, it is not uncommon for adult children to help their parents take up new residences in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Nursing home neglect remains a significant problem in many areas, and anyone considering such care will want to conduct careful research ahead of time in order to make informed decisions and the best choices possible.

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