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Researchers blame distracted driving trends on smartphones

Motorists in Mississippi likely notice other drivers looking at their smartphones behind the wheel. This behavior has increased in recent years and contributed to the growing problem of distracted driving. A vice president at Cambridge Mobile Telematics said that smartphone addiction compels people to engage with their devices while driving despite the dangers. A study of 65 million vehicle trips conducted by the organization concluded that 36 percent of trips over a six-month period involved distracted drivers. This represented a 5 percent increase compared to the same period a year earlier.

Tesla CEO angered by coverage of self-driving car crashes

The CEO of Tesla, along with its supporters and investors, has been critical lately of the way the news media cover accidents involving the company's semiautonomous vehicles. Residents of Mississippi should know what is behind such criticisms because they are often casually repeated by journalists and apt to result in uninformed opinions.

Responsibility by negligent entrustment or vicarious liability

A Mississippi resident can be held financially liable for damages caused by their vehicle even if they were not driving when the damage occurred. If someone lends their vehicle to a family member, friend or employee, or the vehicle has a manufacturing defect, the owner of the vehicle can be held responsible in the event of an accident.

Seat belts helpful in preventing severe liver injury

Every year throughout Mississippi and the rest of the U.S., 2 million car accident patients are sent to emergency rooms. Many of them suffer from internal abdominal trauma, usually incurring injury to the liver and spleen. In mild or moderate injuries, the symptoms are limited to blood clots and shallow lacerations. However, severe cases may require immediate surgery.

Road safety coalition aims to eliminate accident deaths

The number of road users killed in the U.S. has risen alarmingly in recent years, and a coalition of federal agencies and road safety advocacy groups has been organized by the National Safety Council to combat the problem. The Road to Zero Coalition has set itself the lofty goal of completely eliminating motor vehicle accident by 2050, and some experts feel that the advent of autonomous vehicle technology in Mississippi and around the country could help the coalition to achieve this goal.

Mississippi drivers may be the nation's most distracted

The results of a recent road safety study suggest that drivers in Mississippi may be the most distracted motorists in the nation. The technology startup Zendrive used anonymized customer data to determine how long drivers in various parts of the country spend on their phones each day, and the figures indicate that motorists in the Magnolia State spend almost 8 percent of their time using mobile devices to send text messages or make phone calls.

The dangers of daydreaming while behind the wheel

Mississippi drivers who are daydreaming might be as dangerous than drivers who are on their cellphones according to a study by Erie Insurance. The study looked at nationwide data in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System and the reasons determined by law enforcement for fatal car accidents.

Human influence may pose danger to autonomous vehicles

Advances in self-driving vehicle technology are exciting to many people in Mississippi and across the country who hope that autonomous cars can help to make the roadways safer and cut down on car accidents. However, accidents, injuries and fatalities linked to autonomous vehicles have also received a great deal of publicity, especially as the technology remains in a developmental stage. While some have blamed automation for these crashes, one expert points out that the human influence on automated vehicles could be one of the greatest risks for unsafe driving.

Drowsy driving linked to Daylight Saving Time

Drivers in Mississippi should know that drowsy driving accounts for nearly a tenth of all car accidents in the U.S., according to a traffic safety study by AAA. The same organization has just released a study suggesting an increase in drowsy driving right after Daylight Saving Time. The reasons are obvious enough as springing forward cuts out an hour of valuable sleep time. However, AAA does have some good suggestions for avoiding drowsiness on the road.

The nature of soft tissue injuries

Injuries to soft tissues, such as the muscles, tendons and ligaments, are all too common in car accidents. The impact of a crash followed by the bracing of the body and sudden braking can lead the soft tissues to stretch, resulting in soreness, strains, sprains and even tears. Victims of soft tissue injuries in Mississippi will want to know more about the nature of this type of trauma.

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