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Is your loved one a victim of nursing home abuse?

It was not easy for you to place your elderly loved one into a nursing home. But it was the only way you could ensure that they would receive the care and attention they need. Now that you are aware that nursing home abuse and negligence are common occurrences in Jackson, you are not so sure your relative is receiving the quality and scope of care they require. To ensure your elderly relative is in a safe and nurturing environment, you should learn how to recognize the signs of elderly abuse.

What can I do to protect my loved one from nursing home abuse?

Nursing home safety is a major concern for many people in Mississippi. Nursing home abuse and negligence claims are on the rise. There is a lack of resources to properly train and hire properly qualified personnel, leaving your relatives at risk of neglect, abuse, injury and even death. To keep them from becoming a statistic, you should learn how to protect your loved one from abuse.

Common signs of nursing home abuse

One of the best things about the technological boom of the last forty years has been the increase in life expectancy. As a result of this development, many people have had the opportunity to know more generations of their own family and to experience more in a lifetime than ever before.

Social Media Abuse of Nursing Home Residents

Nursing home abuse is not a new issue but the way in way it occurs has changed. Social media now provides another avenue for abusers to harm nursing home residents. A recent case in Iowa is a perfect example of how laws regulating the use of social media and nursing home treatment are out of date.

Members of Congress seek added protections for nursing home residents

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency, is in the process of overhauling the federal regulations that govern nursing homes. The CMS is expected to release these regulations in September 2016. In anticipation, 32 members of Congress have asked the CMS to change some of the proposed regulations. In a letter dated July 20, 2016, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D- IL) along with 31 other members of Congress, asked the CMS to make the following rules:

A common, but surprising cause of nursing home violence and abuse

When most people think of nursing home abuse, their mind goes to incites images of misconduct by staffers. When these stories are in the news, they typically involve tales of misconduct from the employees who are tasked with taking care of the elderly residents. These stories often expose negligence resulting from poor training or malicious behavior on the part of those employed by the facilities.

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