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Automated System Would Help Trucks Steer Around Cars

Mississippi motorists may be interested in learning about an automated braking system that is designed to take control of large trucks in order to prevent or mitigate rear-end crashes. People can be seriously hurt when large trucks hit them from behind, and the new components may help lessen the risk of these collisions.

The components use sensors that measure the stopping distance of the truck and cars that are stopped ahead of it. If it appears that the driver cannot stop in time, the parts take over the steering of the truck in order to maneuver around the stopped vehicles. The devices also have sensors that detect vehicles in the lanes next to the truck. If cars are present there and the truck can't be steered around the stopped vehicles, then the systems brake as hard as possible to at least minimize the impact of the crash.

The two companies involved in the development of the system indicated that it will function as one of the first steps needed to develop autonomous trucks. It is called the Evasive Maneuver System, and the companies indicated it should be available in three or four years.

Many truck accidents involve rear-end collisions that happen when traffic has slowed and the driver isn't paying attention. When these crashes occur, people in the vehicles that are hit may suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. People who are seriously injured in a rear-end crash caused by a large truck may want to talk to a personal injury attorney in order to see what the most advisable way to seek compensation for their losses would be.