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Using Technology to Fight Drowsy Driving

When Mississippi drivers take long road trips, staying awake can be a challenge especially if they are not well-rested, to begin with. However, drowsy driving is extremely dangerous and is said to cause up to 6,000 fatal traffic accidents every year around the country. While coffee and energy drinks can provide drowsy drivers with temporary relief, others are working to find a more permanent solution.

A company called Creative Mode designed a wearable piece of technology that tracks driver's vitals. It has several sensors that measure heart rate and skin conductivity, both of which change as a person becomes drowsy and starts to fall asleep. During long trips, the driver can put the device on his or her wrist. The wearable takes the baseline measurements and then alerts the driver with a small shock when his or her heart rate and skin conductivity fall below a certain level.

The founder of the company discussed the reason for going with a shocking device. He said that a gentle shock would be enough to wake a drowsy driver without being distracting enough to cause an accident. He also noted that, before giving the gentle shock, the device does vibrate gently in an attempt to alert the driver.

Even if a driver uses technology to stay awake, he or she is ultimately responsible for any accidents that he or she causes while driving drowsy. If another person suffers an injury in a car collision caused by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel, he or she could be eligible to recover damages for medical costs. A personal injury attorney could gather evidence that proves that the liable driver was driving while drowsy and assist with seeking appropriate compensation.