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How Inadequate Supervision in Nursing Homes Can Lead to Neglect

Nursing homes and assisted living centers in Jackson are often the solution many people use when they are unable to provide their elderly relatives with the care and supervision they require. It does not mean they do not love them any less. They simply want to ensure their older relatives can continue living the quality of life they deserve and hold onto their independence for as long as possible. 

Many individuals searching for a nursing facility have different methods of screening these places. They look at credentials, reviews, complaints and other criteria to help them determine which nursing home is right for their relatives. However, one often overlooked issue during the screening process is supervision. When nursing homes fail to properly supervise their residents, the results are often catastrophic. To better understand how important it is for your loved one to receive proper supervision, consider the following information about a lack of supervision in nursing homes

Inadequate supervision leads to neglect 

Nursing homes must assess their patients’ conditions. They must document their residents’ conditions, care needs and any concerns that make them a high risk. Nursing homes should also have enough staff to provide their residents with the proper level of support and supervision. Some issues that can arise when there is not enough supervision include the following: 

  •        Dementia
  •        Depression
  •        Fall risk
  •        Elopement
  •        Physical and sexual abuse
  •        Malnutrition 

Nursing homes must make resident safety a top priority. Staff should not leave residents alone or unsupervised for extended periods of time. Without proper supervision, the risk of harm and death increase significantly. 

What you should watch for 

The signs of nursing home neglect are not always obvious. You may need to visit more often, observe how staff treat other residents, and review accident and incident reports. You should also monitor your loved one for injuries and personality and physical changes. 

If you suspect your relative is not receiving proper supervision, do not hesitate to inform the nursing home administrator. You might also want to speak with an attorney on the matter to learn additional steps you can take to ensure your relative’s health and safety.