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Increase Car Crash Rates Accompany Daylight Saving Time

Many Mississippi residents lose sleep when the clocks shift forward for daylight saving time. While one hour of lost sleep does not seem like it would be a big change, it can actually prevent people from being as sharp and quick-minded as they normally are. In fact, there is actually evidence that daylight saving time could cause an increase in traffic accidents.

In one study, which was conducted in 1999, researchers analyzed fatal car accident data from a 21-year period. The results showed a significant increase in the number of road deaths on the Monday after daylight saving time begins. It was presumed that the increase in road deaths occurred on Monday and not on Sunday as many people can sleep in on the Sunday daylight saving time begins. Since then, other studies have found similar results.

Although an increase in road deaths has been found, the real takeaway from the studies is that a loss in sleep can have an effect on drivers. If a person is already chronically sleep-deprived, losing another hour of sleep can be detrimental to a driver's ability to operate their vehicle safety. Drivers should focus on maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule as much as possible.

If a fatigued or otherwise negligent driver causes a car accident, a person injured in the accident could potentially seek compensation for the damages they sustained. A personal injury attorney may submit evidence that shows that the other driver was responsible for the accident, such as the police report and eyewitness testimony. The attorney may also gather other evidence that demonstrates the severity of the injuries that were suffered.