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Daytime Running Headlights Offer Substantial Safety Benefits

Running a vehicle's headlights throughout the day may seem insignificant, but studies prove that a little extra visibility reduces the rate of car accidents. Although only about one-quarter of new vehicles for sale in Mississippi and around the country include daytime running headlights in their standard packages, the data should encourage everyone to make a conscious effort to leave their headlights on at all times.

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of daytime headlight usage. Overall, the practice decreases the chances of wrecks by up to 10 percent. When researchers focus on certain types of crashes, even greater improvements in safety emerge. Motorcycle accidents between vehicles moving toward each other fell by 23 percent when drivers had their headlights on during the day. Pedestrian accidents went down by 12 percent, and accidents involving two vehicles dropped by 5.7 percent.

Data from other countries revealed strong benefits as well. Canadian drivers with their lights on during the day experienced multi-car accidents at an 11 percent lower rate. In Denmark, the practice cut down on crashes caused by left-turn errors by close to 40 percent. Laws in these countries called upon drivers to use their headlights even on clear days, and safety advocates recommend that the United States adopt similar laws and encourage automakers to make daytime running headlights available as standard equipment on all vehicles.

Every driver has a responsibility to operate vehicles safety. Someone injured in a crash caused by another driver's inattention, speeding, or intoxication might want to meet with an attorney who has experience with car accident lawsuits in order to see how best to seek compensation for the losses that have been sustained.