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Nursing Homes May See Relief from Fines

Health care facilities in Mississippi and throughout America may benefit from a new Trump administration policy. He is rolling back fines that were levied against nursing homes that had been cited for abuse or neglect in the past. During the Obama administration, two-thirds of nursing homes that were cited for severe violations received fines. Under the new policy, homes will either not be fined or will receive smaller ones.

According to a New York Times report, one nursing home that was fined $282,954 during Obama's time in the White House would be fined less than $21,000 under President Trump. Some believe that this new policy may discourage nursing homes from adopting methods to keep patients safe. A Los Angeles Times report found that 75 percent of nursing homes were cited for poor infection control over a period of four years.

Sexual abuse may also be a problem in nursing homes. This is partially because it is hard to spot or prove as most crimes take place at night with no one to witness it. Patients themselves may not have the mental ability to remember what they experienced or to understand that they had been abused. While some are against this decision, the American Health Care Association has been advocating for it since 2016.

If a nursing home fails to provide a reasonable standard of care to patients, it may be engaging in negligent behavior. If such negligence results in a patient's condition worsening, there may be grounds for a lawsuit. The victim's family could file a lawsuit on behalf of the patient in some cases. If successful, appropriate compensation could be awarded. People who are in this position might want to discuss their situations with an attorney.