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Avoiding Accidents with Large Trucks

Big rigs pose a special danger for drivers in Mississippi due to their size and weight. Drivers who rear-end a truck are liable to slide under it, and trucks that rear-end cars are liable to ride over it. In either case, it is the car occupants who usually die. It should also be kept in mind that trucks take much longer to come to a stop than vehicles and have a lot of blind spots ("no-zones").

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that a third of all accidents between vehicles and large trucks occur because of blind spots. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that in 2014, 68 percent of all truck crash fatalities were car occupants.

To safely share the road with large trucks, drivers are advised to remain patient as well as aware of their surroundings. They should never take chances. For example, if a truck moves into their lane, drivers should not speed up to cut in front of it.

Drivers should always give trucks extra room. When passing a truck, drivers should wait until it is visible in their rearview mirror before returning to their lane. When a truck is turning, it may initially swing far in the opposite direction, so drivers should not be riding closely behind or beside it.

When a truck accident is the result of a trucker's negligence, victims may be able to receive compensation from the trucking company. However, they will want a lawyer on their side. An attorney could assess the case and hire investigators to show just how the trucker was at fault. Perhaps the trucker was drowsy or distracted, or maybe the truck was not maintained properly. Whatever the particular situation may be, a lawyer can negotiate for a fair settlement that covers a victim's medical expenses, vehicle damage and other losses.